Pro-Tec Hoop Buildings

Install a Pro-Tec Hoop Building

We'll help you protect your crop and livestock

A Pro-Tec hoop building is a fabric-covered building used for storage. Use a Pro-Tec hoop building to store grains, equipment, livestock and other farming materials. Depend on Bob's Farm Service, LLC to build and install any size hoop building you need. We offer a 15-year warranty for construction and installation.

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3 reasons to get a Pro-Tec hoop building

Put your trust in Bob's Farm Service to recommend, build and install the best Pro-Tec hoop building for your farming needs. It doesn't matter what you're storing, we'll find the model that works best for you. Choose a Pro-Tec hoop building because:

  1. They are easy to maintain and adjust.
  2. They are an energy-efficient building solution.
  3. Carry a 15 year warranty with weight carry load.

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